Our team

Who we are

We are a team devoted to improving the health of people with chronic conditions by embracing, not denying, our humanity—enabling healthcare to create the lasting change it intends. Our approach? We uncover and address the root cause of care plan nonadherence.
Mount Sinai Patient
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How we started

What got us here

At Wellth, we recognize that all of us value living healthier lives—and that creating the habits necessary to do so can be difficult.  

Wellth was designed in response to an eye-opening situation in the life of CEO Matthew Loper. When his aunt and uncle were both diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Matt watched as they responded in two radically different ways.

One was able to quickly and easily adjust their lifestyle to accommodate their diagnosis — they became zealous about taking their medications everyday, watched their diet, and monitored their glucose. The other repeatedly fell off their care plan, no matter how hard they tried. The result? One now lives a healthy life while the other endured a lifetime of complications from the disease and ultimately passed away.

The question of how two people with the same condition and genetics can have two vastly different outcomes is at the heart of Wellth.
Loper brothers with Uncle Roy

Our Core Values

Every decision, goal and action at Wellth is guided by these core values. They are the foundational blocks of our work with our partners, members and team.

Our members are our mission.
Solve real problems.
Research everything.
Be thoughtfully confrontational.
“It won't fail because of me.”
Stay hungry.
Our Team

Meet The People Behind Wellth

We are passionate about helping individuals with chronic diseases develop positive, repeatable behaviors that improve their health and give them a better quality of life—with a team that aims to reflect the diversity of the members we serve.

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