For Providers

Nonadherence is a human problem

People naturally want to feel their best — but that doesn’t always happen. When your patients don’t adhere to their care plan, it creates a domino effect. Their condition gets worse, their quality of life goes down, you incur higher costs, and you have to spend more time trying to find new ways to set them up for success.
Avg. Reduction in
Inpatient Utilization
Avg. Reduction in
ED Utilization
Avg. Improvement to
Medication Adherence

The metrics that matter to providers

Wellth recognizes that patient outcomes and their satisfaction ratings are critical for providers. By addressing care plan adherence issues at their root cause we directly affect quality measure sets, like HEDIS and Stars and members satisfaction ratings through CAHPS. Our care plan adherence program is designed with your accreditation and patient experience metrics in mind.

improve hedis stars scores
Better outcomes
Getting members to adhere to a care plan is the most effective way to improve outcomes for your patients. Wellth addresses this directly with members and their outcomes demonstrate our success.
Improved clinical experience
Just being aware of each patient’s behaviors is hard enough, much less successfully motivating them. Wellth reduces the frustrations of providers by monitoring and motivating your patients. We provide real-time actionable data back to care teams that makes a difference.
Lower costs
By reducing ER visits and readmissions as well as improving outcomes, Wellth lowers costs for providers. The improved outcomes also reduce penalties and can even increase financial incentives from health plans.
Improved patient experience
Healthier patients are happier patients. With more consistent adherence behaviors, patients are more invested in both their own health and the care plans you develop for them. We’ve seen this through improved NPS and CAHPS scores.

Wellth makes it easy – for you and your members

The Wellth platform is easy to implement—from the backend technology to onboarding your members. Our programs are fully operational at scale and customizable to meet your goals.

No extra technology
Wellth uses device-less remote monitoring to gather behavioral data from members on a daily basis. Since the member experience is smartphone-based, there’s no additional technology to purchase, implement, and maintain.
Real-time feedback
Our specialists personally investigate any behaviors flagged by our AI monitoring. If a member shifts from four medications to one per day, we’ll work to discover the reason. And if it’s a pattern, we’ll alert our provider partners so they can connect with the member to offer the best next steps.
Habit formation instead of just education
Mere educational and coaching programs have shown again and again that they don’t work for certain populations. That’s why we focus our methods on utilizing certain behavioral economics principles to motivate members to form new, sustainable habits. Members don’t need to understand why they’ve changed; they just realize their new habits allow them to live healthier, fuller lives.
Customer Testimonials

The easiest implementation you’ll ever have

Wellth utilizes existing technology—i.e., the simple smartphone—to work within existing workflows, reducing the need for complex training or expenses. Implementation can be completed in as little as 30 days, requiring minimal lift from our partners and their IT teams.

"These results are a clear demonstration that Wellth creates durable client benefit of improved clinical markers representing Quality, reduced avoidable utilization representing cost, and patient behavior change representing patient engagement; the ingredients to Value-Based Performance success."
Joseph Conte
Executive Director of Staten Island PPS
"I absolutely love Wellth. If I could have almost every patient on Wellth, I would definitely recommend it. It really helped my patients adhere to their care plan. Many of them continued on to use Wellth even after they finished their initial  program."
Nia Medder, DNP
Mount Sinai Peak Health Clinic
Case Studies

Wellth works for you

Our solution is Randomized Control Trial tested and backed with proven results and case studies across all lines of business. Learn what our partners are saying—and achieving—with Wellth!

Randomized Controlled Trial shows Wellth reduces hospital readmissions post-ACS by 45% 
Improving Proportion of Days Covered (PDC) in 86% of members
Driving down readmissions for patients with high-risk
Better results for better health
Reduction of HbA1c levels for high-risk diabetes
How Wellth works for members

Take a photo.
Get rewarded.
That’s it.

Wellth gets rid of dense navigation bars, companion apps, physical hardware, and anything else that might represent a barrier to entry for our members. Everything works with the smartphone users already have in their pocket. And using the app is as simple as taking a picture and sending a text, two things they already know how to do.

We handle enrollment, tech support, and first level outreach when a member becomes nonadherent. All you have to do is tell us when to start.
Member Testimonials

Wellth helps your members help themselves

Wellth is different from other adherence solutions. We configure each member’s experience, finding the best combination of incentives that work for them. When people adhere to their care plan, it works. And when care plans work the way they’re supposed to, chronic diseases get better, ED visits go down, and you no longer have to spend valuable resources following up on the plan you’ve created. We do the work so you don’t have to.

"The program was generous for paying patients to take better care of themselves. I often skipped my medication for the sake of convenience or laziness. This program kept me on my toes to the point where I didn’t even need the reminder anymore."
Wellth Member, Type 2 Diabetes
"I appreciate that Wellth checks in when I am not adherent. It feels like Wellth cares about  my well-being. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your program. It was very helpful indeed."
Wellth Member, CHF
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Wellth will help you assess your member health data and configure a program that will help improve health outcomes for your members that matter most.