For Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Star Ratings depend on daily member behavior

Improving quality of care and health outcomes for members is at the top of the list for Medicare Advantage plans. At Wellth, we impact both member and partner outcomes, helping bridge the gap between individual health needs and quality performance goals.
Avg. Reduction in
Inpatient Utilization
Avg. Reduction in
ED Utilization
Avg. Improvement to
Medication Adherence

Achieve the outcomes that matter most

It's estimated as high as 81% of health outcomes are attributed to socioeconomic factors or individual behaviors. The Wellth platform utilizes behavioral economics to motivate daily action for individual behavior change—leading to routine, healthy behaviors and positive health outcomes.

Over 90% of members engage with the Wellth app every day. This high level of engagement translates into improved quality measures, care gap closure and reduced costs for our Medicare Advantage partners.
Changing habits through behavioral science
Wellth's innovation is built around the science of behavioral economics. Elements like Choice Architecture and Loss Aversion are built into each program's structure, creating a framework for lasting healthy habits through smart reward incentives and approachable AI technology.
We reach your hardest-to-reach members
Your highest-risk members likely account for an unbalanced proportion of your costs. Wellth is able to reach these members and create impactful habit transformation—resulting in significant cost reduction through improved health measures, utilization reduction and increased medication adherence.
Medication adherence is the star
Improving Star Ratings is difficult to achieve without improving members' adherence to their medications. Although not an incentivized care plan activity for Medicare Advantage programs, we see significant increases in medication adherence due to Wellth's ability to empower people to prioritize their health, every day.
Unlocking new levels of engagement
Creating an engaging member experience is more important now than ever. Through each tailored program, Wellth becomes a trusted partner in every member's health and wellness journey. We consistently achieve Net Promoter Scores (NPS) of 70 and above, highlighting strong member satisfaction.
Utilization reduction
Your partner in care support
Wellth brings efficiency and support to your care teams by freeing up their resources for higher-level care interventions. We're able to promote your health plan benefits, help close key care gaps, assist with survey completion (e.g. HRAs) and provide critical, timely feedback should additional care or followup be needed.
Tackling social determinants of health
Our Wellth platform brings a unique opportunity to address social determinants of health. Through member incentives, our partners are making an impactful investment into their members’ lives and communities with Wellth rewards spent on essential items like groceries, clothing, household needs and transportation.

Wellth makes it easy – for you and your members

The Wellth platform is easy to implement—from the backend technology to onboarding your members. Our programs are fully operational at scale and customizable to meet the needs of your Medicare Advantage plan goals.

The Wellth member experience goes beyond an easy-to-use smartphone app. Our multilingual member support team is available to assist your members from when they first learn about the program and throughout their health journey!
Security and privacy at scale
The Wellth platform is HITRUST Certified, bringing dedicated assurance that your members' sensitive data and information privacy are secured.
Fees 100% at-risk
Our teams are dedicated to delivering a customized program that delivers impactful results. That's why our fee structure is at-risk. We only get paid when members enroll and remain engaged with the Wellth program. Our members are our mission—and this is how we put our words into actionable results.
Case Studies

Wellth is proven to work

Improved health outcomes and cost savings don't have to be mutually exclusive. Learn how our partners are achieving both—with Wellth!

Motivating Member Follow-Through: Empowering High-Risk Medicare Advantage Members for Impactful Outcomes
Randomized Controlled Trial shows Wellth reduces hospital readmissions post-ACS by 45% 
Improving Proportion of Days Covered (PDC) in 86% of members
Driving down readmissions for patients with high-risk
Reduction of HbA1c levels for high-risk diabetes
Customer Testimonials

The easiest implementation you’ll ever have

Wellth utilizes existing technology—i.e., the simple smartphone—to work within existing workflows, reducing the need for complex training or expenses. Implementation can be completed in as little as 30 days, requiring minimal lift from our partners and their IT teams.

"Telehealth is changing the standard of healthcare by allowing for improved access and better health outcomes for people who face barriers to receiving traditional care. As a pharmacist, I have seen firsthand how important it is to give patients who are challenged with chronic conditions the tools they need to manage their own medications. We are excited to offer this mobile app and empower our members to take charge of their own health."
Jill Hanson
Vice President of Pharmacy (West) at Centene
"At Priority Health, we know that people’s lives are complicated, which is why we’re proud to offer an innovative solution to help them manage their health in a simple and cost effective way"
Tami Hibbitts
Former Vice President of Medicare/Senior Markets at Priority Health
How Wellth works for members

Take a photo.
Get rewarded.
That’s it.

We minimize barriers to entry for your members. Everything works with the smartphone they already have in their pocket. Using the app is as simple as taking a picture and sending a text.

The program is designed to be approachable and easy to use—but works hard in the background helping your members build motivation and form habits around healthy eating, taking medications on time, checking clinical values, using medical devices, completing care plan appointments and engaging with their care team.
Member Testimonials

Wellth helps your members help themselves

There's nothing better than hearing how Wellth has positively impacted a person's life. It's what motivates us to bring our very best to our partners and our members!

"I am supposed to check my blood sugar at least one time per day. I used to be really bad at doing that, but Wellth got me on track. The incentives help so much. I am a senior on a very limited income, so the monetary reward sometimes puts gas in the car, pays part of a utility bill or buys a few groceries. I began eating healthier and losing weight. I have lost 50+ pounds. Following Wellth is helping me to stay focused."
Wellth Member, Type 2 Diabetes
"When I enrolled with Wellth, I was told the app would be super simple. I submitted 240 photos of my medication and blood pressure already. It was really easy to set up, and most people know how to take a picture, so I do not have any trouble with it. I am pretty sure I am not the only senior who is looking to be healthy and be rewarded for it."
Wellth Member, Multiple Chronic Conditions
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