Wellth is solving the
care plan nonadherence problem

Our healthcare system assumes we make decisions based on what is best for us. But it’s not that simple. Everyday stressors often cloud our judgement as to what’s best in the long run. For people with chronic conditions, this can make healthy habit formation difficult.

Wellth leverages the science of behavioral economics to motivate members to increase care plan adherence.

Our solutions

Wellth’s program and technologies can be used in multiple arrangements of services to fit the needs of your organization.

Medication Adherence

Wellth provides a behavioral foundation that earns member buy-in to increase medication adherence. Members snap a photo daily; our image recognition and AI take care of the rest. It’s fast, easy, and fun for members to use! Our partners see improved Proportion of Days Covered (PDC) in their previously nonadherent populations.

Care Plan

Members use their smartphones to take photos of their medications and/or their device readings, like blood pressure or glucose levels—no additional connected devices required. Our AI reads data on the screens, alerting a member of our team for follow-up when abnormalities occur.

Quality Metric Optimization

Boost quality Stars, HEDIS, and CAHPS scores in member populations by rewarding members for completing annual wellness visits and post-discharge visits, immunizations, lab tests, and other quality-improving behaviors in addition to routine care plan adherence.

How Wellth works for members

medication reminder

Sends a custom reminder

Members get reminders for their daily behaviors—such as taking medication or testing blood glucose levels.

Checks in their task

Using their smartphone, members take a photo of their check-in task within Wellth’s platform. Wellth validates the check-in and analyzes it for patterns to identify and address early indicators of nonadherence.
Financial Incentive Reward

Pays members for healthy results

Once they’ve successfully completed all their check-ins for that day, members are notified that they kept their daily incentive amount.
Supported disease states include:
Behavioral & Mental Health
Congestive Heart Failure
Immune System Disorders
COPD / Asthma
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Implementation made simple


Approved by state and federal regulators

Healthcare is full of red tape, but don’t worry. We’ve done our homework.  

Wellth is pioneering behavioral economics applied to behavior change, which state and federal governments are widely adopting into various regulations and pilot programs.

Our program structure has been approved by regulators and fits within federal and state regulations.

Go-live in 30 days

Wellth works within your existing workflows for seamless integration—without expensive devices, system integrations, or disruption for your teams—so implementation can happen in as little as 30 days.  

In addition, we take care of member enrollment and provide ongoing support, intervention, and outcomes analysis to address the changing needs of the member throughout the program.

It’s the easiest setup you’ll ever have.

Realtime data insights

The real power of Wellth comes when we’ve had the opportunity to work with members over time.

Our AI is constantly learning from member behaviors to better respond and adapt to their changing needs and progress. As we work with members daily, we’re able to better help them stay motivated and establish lasting, healthy habits.

Most importantly, we use our data insights to notify partners in realtime if we detect any risk of nonadherence or other problems that require clinical support.

Our goal is to create habits that last a lifetime.

Our mission is to constantly work with the people who need the most help because that’s where we can have the biggest impact for our partners and their members.

Our solution is RCT-backed and delivers consistent results for our partners and the individuals they serve.
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