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Since Wellth was founded, we have witnessed incredible stories of transformation for both our members and our partners. Our solution is RCT backed and proven to demonstrate results across all lines of business for our partners.
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Better outcomes with behavioral economics

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Wellth works for you

Improved health outcomes and improved cost savings don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Our case studies prove it.

Randomized Controlled Trial shows Wellth reduces hospital readmissions post-ACS by 45% 
Improving Proportion of Days Covered (PDC) in 86% of members
Driving down readmissions for patients with high-risk
Better results for better health
Reduction of HbA1c levels for high-risk diabetes

Members who use Wellth
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Wellth works alongside members—giving them the tools they need to create healthy habits.

Our member support team ensures members feel seen and understood—with a program that was designed with each individual’s needs in mind. There’s no better way to ensure successful care plan adherence than compassion and understanding.


Wellth Member, CHF
Theodore was struggling to manage his heart condition and felt like he didn't have a good routine for taking his prescribed medications. This resulted in him being readmitted to the hospital with an unmanaged condition. Through Wellth, he avoided going back to the hospital and started having more energy. Theodore found the rewards helped him to buy things he needed to stay on track.


Wellth Member, Asthma
Carlixta moved to the US from the Dominican Republic, taking a job as a caregiver to help provide for her daughter. While she always made sure her patients did exactly what they needed to stay healthy, her long commute and working hours made it difficult for her to stay motivated when it came to her own health. With Wellth, Carlixta found the motivation needed to successfully manage her arthritis, asthma, and high blood pressure.

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