We focus on what matters most: generating outcomes for our customers and members. From our foundation of behavioral economics to our extensive and flexible technology platform to our use of AI coupled with a deliberate human element - everything works to drive results.

This approach is critical - it helps us focus on what we are doing with intention and precision, and see clearly where our efforts are making a difference. We measure everything and strive to relentlessly improve our product and processes.
Reduce Total Cost of Care
By delivering 89% care plan adherence Wellth can reduce complex patient costs by $1,500 - $4,500 annually per patient.
Drive Quality Measures
With a single platform, we drive improvement in quality metrics such as Proportion of Days Covered, Blood Sugar Control, Annual Wellness Visits, Annual Flu Vaccines, All-Cause Readmissions, and more.
Supercharge Your Care Team
We monitor adherence daily to focus the data flow to your care team. Receive high-impact alerts and gain insight into what happens with patients every single day. Tailor interventions, anticipate care demands, and avoid adverse outcomes.
Care plan adherence
Decrease in avoidable ER utilization
Member NPS
Readmissions Reduction
HbA1c Reduction
Wellth pricing is outcome based.
ROI is guaranteed.
Wellth delivers success in your value-based arrangements. Whether you are a health plan, provider, employer or pharma company, our pricing guarantees that you pay us only when we improve the outcomes that matter.

We typically see 2-6x ROI per enrolled patient on a first-year basis.
"I absolutely love Wellth. If I could have almost every patient on Wellth, I would definitely recommend it. It really helped my patients adhere to their care plan. Many of them continued on to use Wellth even after they finished their initial 70 day program."
Nia Medder, DNP
Mount Sinai Peak Health Clinic
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Proven, Extensive Platform
Wellth is the only solution that works to motivate disengaged, complex and high-cost patients to form healthy and lasting habits. Every member journey is highly personalized to maximize engagement and success, driving outcomes.

Our solutions are tailored across Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, CHF, Gestational Diabetes, Behavioral Health, COPD/Asthma, HIV/AIDS, Substance Use Disorder, and more.
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