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Better outcomes with
behavioral economics.
By understanding the science of human motivation and habit formation, we drastically improve the health outcomes of patients with chronic conditions. Our mission is to serve the populations that need the most help. Our product deploys the latest digital technology and AI on an established foundation of behavioral economic principles, tailored to each patient.
Average care plan adherence
Reduction to readmissions
HbA1c Reduction
Better Health & Outcomes
Create lasting habits
Wellth takes an evidence based approach to helping patients establish healthy, long-lasting habits.

Our members have achieved 89%+ daily adherence a full year after enrollment.
Cost of Care Reductions
Training healthy habits helps drive down the overall cost of care and can reduce hospitalizations and other claims by 20-40%.

Our solutions address a multitude of chronic conditions: Type 2 Diabetes, COPD/Asthma, CHF, Behavioral Health, and also drive tremendous outcomes in post-acute scenarios where care plan adherence is critical.
ROI is guaranteed
Our focus is on establishing lasting habits and having patients feel their best every single day.

You pay only for results and the outcomes that matter.
Thoughtful, effective solution
We set expectations.
And then live up to them.
The future of Healthcare is based on outcomes and value.  Wellth drives behaviors that directly impact costs. Wellth works with our clients to create outcome-based payment models that measure clear objectives, guarantee ROI and limit risk. We only get paid for validated program success.
We keep everything simple.
Healthcare has enough complexity and confusion. Most implementations are live within 30 days, fitting quickly and easily into your existing workflows.

Wellth does not require any system integrations, is fully compliant with HIPAA and beneficiary inducement statutes, and we handle ongoing support, intervention, and outcomes analysis.
Our members love us.
Members are the center of every Wellth program. Our product experience is designed around a long-term, meaningful relationship with each Member and their care plan. Each member has different needs and therefore their experience is highly personalized. We use insights and research to constantly improve the patient journey.
"Before Wellth I would go days without my meds and years without treatment. Wellth helped me be honest with myself, adjust to the lifestyle I need, and stay on track."
Wellth Member, Type 2 Diabetes
Watch video
Watch video
"The Wellth team actually listens to me and cares about me. I'm more enthusiastic now, eating better, even exercising. I feel good and like I'm on track."
Wellth Member, Behavioral Health
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