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Avg. Reduction in
Inpatient Utilization
Avg. Reduction in
ED Utilization
Avg. Improvement to
Medication Adherence

The Wellth approach

We help your members with...

Behavioral and Mental Health
Behavioral & Mental
Health Conditions
Heart Failure
Immune System
Chronic Kidney Disease and End stage renal disease
COPD / Asthma

... build motivation and form habits around:

Taking their medication
on time, every time
Checking their
clinical values
Using their
medical devices
Doctor Appointment
Completing their appointments, preventative screenings, labs
Engaging with
their care team
See how our solution works

Wellth is a new approach to positive health outcomes.

We use the science of behavioral economics— combined with an appreciation for human nature.

This enables us to uncover and address the unique obstacles that prevent people with chronic conditions from forming the habits necessary to create lasting behavior change.

We help people form new healthy habits. These habits change lives.
How we work

The science behind Wellth

In classical economics, its assumed that if people are given the right information, they will make decisions in their best interest. But that isn’t always the case. Behavioral economics teaches us that:
People are irrational, but in highly predictable ways.
Leaders in this discipline, such as Richard Thaler and Daniel Kahneman, have provided decades of research to demonstrate how to predict our irrational behaviors. The founders of Wellth use these same principles to establish a new way of forming new habits for healthier living.

We choose to focus on those who are often left behind and struggle the most: people with chronic conditions, people challenged by income insecurity, and people with the most forces pulling them away from forming healthy habits.

We utilize behavioral economics principles of loss aversion, present bias, the intent-behavior gap, and the endowment effect and apply these principles to the experience of our solution for members. The results have proven this approach is more effective.
Read “Leveraging Behavioral Economics in Healthcare” eBook

Who we work with

ROI is guaranteed.
You pay when it works.
At Wellth, our easy-to-use mobile platform experience empowers members with the incentives and support system they need to establish new healthy habits. Wellth gets paid when our clients realize measurable adherence.

Deeper understandings
for better outcomes.

If we fail to grasp why someone isn’t prioritizing their health, we can’t change their unique set of circumstances.

Wellth is built on a foundation of empathy, using tools and techniques that meet people where they are and build healthy habits that last a lifetime. By leveraging behavioral economics, we seek to truly understand people with individualized responses for members who are struggling with medication adherence, treatment adherence, and other challenges.

Why Wellth works

Value based care

Value-based care (with heart)

At Wellth, we want our members to be the healthiest versions of themselves.  That's why Wellth partners with its members to better understand and tailor solutions to meet their individual needs.

Our easy-to-use tools and incentives encourage members to improve their health through better care plan regimens, improved medication adherence, and stronger overall healthy habits.

Immediate Feedback = Real Results

Capitalizing on behavioral economics principles, Wellth leverages the power of immediacy to reward and reinforce positive patient behavior. Good health is a journey, we help patients get started today with the most critical and effective steps. Then we build on that success when they are ready. Patients are motivated and feel in control, and results rapidly follow. We can prove it.

Members love us

People are the center of everything we do. We understand that everyone has different needs and challenges. That’s why everyone who uses Wellth gets a highly personalized experience that grows with them throughout their health journey.
“I have so many things to do each day, and I used to forget about my medication completely. Without any reminders, it’s no wonder that I forgot about them. Now, my health is in really good shape. During my three months with Wellth, I forgot my pills only once, and I did not have any emergency hospital visits. In fact, I did not need to go to the hospital at all! This is a huge improvement for me.”
Maria S.
Wellth Member
"Before Wellth, I wasn’t taking my medications on time or even every day. Now I’m taking my medication every day, on time, on my own. I find myself going outside more and being more active. Being in Wellth wasn’t just about the money—I just feel much better now. The rewards helped me pay for my medication, so in a way, they helped me invest in my own health."
Greg H.
Wellth Member
“When I started Wellth, the way I felt about taking my medications changed. I started feeling more enthusiastic since I knew I would be receiving rewards. This compelled me to be more disciplined with my pills and treatments.”
Carolina N.
Wellth Member

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