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An adherence solution that people actually want to use

Healthy teams are happier, more productive, and stay with their employer longer. But keeping a team healthy can be difficult.

That’s because most of the digital health tools available today are cumbersome, difficult to onboard, and have low adoption rates. What good is a tool if no one wants to use it?
Avg. Reduction in
Inpatient Utilization
Avg. Reduction in
ED Utilization
Avg. Improvement to
Medication Adherence

Employees build better habits with Wellth

Reduced health care costs
Wellth members incur reduced healthcare costs due to fewer hospital visits and fewer readmissions for those who do have in-patient needs.
Improved engagement
Our unique behavioral motivation methods result in engaged employees that are active in their prescribed care plans.
sick employee
Reduced sick days
Chronic conditions lead to increased absenteeism. Improving disease control through better care plan adherence reduces absenteeism for better productivity.
improve hedis stars scores
Improves existing programs
Wellth works alongside current wellness programs to help make them more effective. It’s unobtrusive and complementary.
Add value for employees
Wellth incentives—combined with improved health—help employees realize the value of their employer benefits.
Help those with the most need
Wellth is specifically designed to help those with chronic conditions who struggle the most with care plan adherence. By bettering their lives, employers offer benefits not present with other programs.
You pay when it works

Outcome-based pricing.
No member fees.

Unlike wellness programs that charge the same amount regardless of their success, you pay Wellth when it does what we say it will: get results.

We focus on non-adherent members—those who have the hardest time following through with their care plan. In return, you pay when members use the program and demonstrate behavior change. Your success is Wellth’s success.

How Wellth works for members

medication reminder

Sends a custom reminder

Members get reminders for their daily behaviors—such as taking medication or testing blood glucose levels.

Checks in their task

Using their smartphone, members take a photo of their check-in task within Wellth’s platform. Wellth validates the check-in and analyzes it for patterns to identify and address early indicators of nonadherence.
Financial Incentive Reward

Pays members for healthy results

Once they’ve successfully completed all their check-ins for that day, members are notified that they kept their daily incentive amount.
Supported disease states include:
Behavioral & Mental Health
Congestive Heart Failure
Immune System Disorders
Sleep Apnea
COPD / Asthma
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Wellth will help you assess your employee health data and configure a program that will help improve health outcomes for your employees that matter most.