Alec Zopf
Co-founder, CTO
Alec Zopf

As CTO and Co-Founder, Alec Zopf manages all things technology at Wellth.  Alec is driven by the mission of lowering the healthcare cost burden in the US and beyond by helping patients take better care of themselves. He believes that through the power of behavioral economics, intuitive technology, and smart data strategy, all things are possible.

Prior to co-founding Wellth, Alec built innovative medical device technology at NU, helped algorithmic trading firms stay competitive in expanding options markets, and built data infrastructure and teams at a SaaS analytics startup to take it from 8 to 25 employees and to a successful acquisition by Pandora.

While Alec will likely never outpace his dog Ollie in their morning runs, he keeps his legs fresh in pick-up soccer games in Playa Vista and snowboarding across the great west.  A drummer for more than twenty years, Alec feels an undying love for the magic of collaborative music creation.

Alec holds a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University.