“You better take your meds!”
April 14, 2021

Trisha C., Wellth Member

Tuscon, AZ

Before Wellth, Trisha used to take over 20 prescribed medications each day. While she did her best to stay organized, she realized that it was getting more difficult to stay on top of her health. Some days she would simply forget to take her medications and other times she could not afford them. Wellth offered Trisha the organization and incentives she needed to get healthy!

“The reminders were really helpful. The alarm on my phone would go off and sometimes, I wouldn’t take my meds so the reminders would tell me I have to.”

Although Trisha realized the importance of medications after her father passed away when she was young, she still needed a way to stay organized. She previously tried pill organizers and calendar reminders, but she still found herself overwhelmed. Wellth helped her keep track of her medications and kept her reminders all in one place. 

“I liked being very responsible for taking my meds and remembering myself, even before the alarm goes off. When I saw the reminders on my phone, I would tell myself, 'You better take your meds!'.” 

Trisha worked closely with the Wellth team to customize her reminders each day for her various medications. In addition to improving her cholesterol levels and blood pressure, Trisha said that Wellth also helped with her mental health. When she took her nightly medications, she felt confident that she was done for the day and slept soundly.

“Wellth was so willing and able to help me out. They were very thoughtful because I was going through some hard times with my sister.”

Trisha is proud of the fact that she has become her own health advocate, especially when it comes to her medication. She feels that she can speak up for herself when she feels her prescribed medications need to be adjusted, and feels confident in her ability to make healthy decisions.

“This program has taught me to grow and make decisions, make sure I was on time and double check that I took my meds.”

With the help of her Wellth program, Trisha is now only required to take 8 prescribed medications each day. She has therapy animals to help with her physical and mental health, and is now able to spend more time with her son and daughter and became a professional house cleaner. Now, Trisha is working closely with her care team and using her new healthy habits to stay on track!