Wellth Helps Create Lasting Health Benefits for Pinnacle Medical Group Member
July 13, 2020

Carolina N., Wellth Member

Rialto, CA

My name is Carolina and I am 73 years old. I live in California and I have a very big family. I take many medications for my depression, anxiety, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. I would often wonder how to manage so many medications. Sometimes, I would split up the medications in the morning before and after breakfast to make it easier for me to take them. Sometimes I would oversleep and miss my medication, but when I started Wellth, the way I felt about taking my medications changed. 

“I started feeling more enthusiastic since I knew I would be receiving rewards. This compelled me to be more disciplined with my pills and treatments.” 

When I first received a call about the program, I did not answer because I wasn’t sure who the number was from. I ended up returning the call and the person working there explained everything to me attentively in detail. I’d never heard about a rewards program like this before and in the beginning, I was unsure of how the process worked.  Ashley from Wellth walked me through the whole process and helped me understand. It ended up being very easy, even for someone my age. On a scale from 1 (easy) to 10 (difficult), downloading the app was a 3. Once I understood how the program worked, I felt like a door opened for me. It felt like I was going to have someone accompany me every day to take my meds.

The first day of the program went well and I was very good at taking my medication every day at 8 am. On days that I forgot, the reminders from Wellth on my phone were there for me. I would miss checking in very rarely. I would often chat with those from the support team, like Marci, who was always there to help me. 

“I feel really good and my health is better. I still continue to feel as good as I did when I was using the Wellth app.”

This program has taught me how to take my medications the right way and transformed my health habits. Thanks to the Wellth Rewards program, I found out I wasn’t taking some of my medications properly like my cholesterol medication. 

“Taking my medications properly helped improve my health. My doctor actually reduced the dosage of my medication because my health has been improving. The program has helped me immensely.”

The rewards I earned using Wellth also helped me treat my family. I went to Costco and went shopping for my whole family. It felt great giving back to my family - it was a beautiful moment of satisfaction for myself. I recommend everyone try this program since it really can make a difference in your health. I think everyone should experience the excitement of receiving a reminder to improve your health. Daily motivation makes a big difference in our lives. 

I want to thank you for all the benefits you’ve helped bring me and all the people who work at Wellth. I’m sad I’m no longer in the program as I’ve gotten very used to talking to you all and I will miss you all!