The Journey to Health Begins With One Step
April 2, 2020

Greg T., Wellth Member

Long Island, NY

Before Wellth, I wasn’t taking my medications on time or even every day. Sometimes, I would need to have people remind me to take it! I needed help being consistent and not taking my medications properly impacted my health. I wasn’t feeling as great before.

When I first heard about Wellth, I was skeptical. I thought, “Yeah right, they’re going to pay me to take their medication.” The next time I got a letter with more information about the program, I started thinking, “Maybe this might be something that can help me.” So when I finally spoke to someone from Wellth, I was excited. I thought, “Yes, I finally have a friend that can help make sure I take my medication!”

When I started Wellth, the phone reminders helped me make sure I took my medication. I would see the reminder and think, “Oh yeah, that’s right!” I improved my health a lot. It made me make sure I take my medication every day, on time and I thank them a lot for that. Not only was the app helpful but the support team was also great. They were always there for me, whether I had trouble using the app or just left a message, they would always check in on me to make sure I was doing okay. 

I would actually say my favorite part was talking to the support team of the program. It was nice hearing everyone’s voices. There were times where I would call Marci (Wellth Member Support Specialist) almost every day to let the support team know that I actually did take my medication if I was experiencing any issues. In fact, I still call to check-in once in a while.

“Yes, I finally have a friend that can help make sure I take my medication!”

Now I’m taking my medication every day, on time, on my own. Even though I finished the program, I still kept the app and just seeing the app on my phone helps remind me to take my medications. I see the app, look at it and say “Okay, it’s time to take my medication”.

After the program, I find myself going outside more and being more active. I’m even going for walks around the block which I didn’t do before. I’m taking it easy, but I’m walking. I’m going to bible studies more, church more, and doing more positive things for myself. I used to sign up for things and wouldn’t show up but now I’m like “Sign me up!” Being in Wellth wasn’t just about the money—I just feel much better now. The rewards helped me pay for my medication, so in a way, they helped me invest in my own health. I used to buy my medication every month with the Wellth rewards money. All I have to say is THANK. YOU.