"My Family is Proud of Me"
February 12, 2021

Barbara T., Wellth Member

Yarnell, AZ

Before starting her Wellth program, Barbara did not go to the doctor for routine check-ups or for one-time health concerns. While she was advised to consistently take medication to regulate her blood pressure, Barbara realized that she only attempted to follow her care plan when it was convenient. With her busy schedule as a caregiver, as well as two dogs and a cat to care for at home, there was usually very little time left during the day for Barbara to take care of herself.

Barbara knew that she should be concerned about long-term health problems because she did not take her well-being seriously. She felt very grateful to the Wellth Rewards Team for helping her take the first step in her health journey when she started her program.

“[The Wellth Support Team] was wonderful! They walked me right through the app and told me exactly what to do. Very good, very patient.” 

During her Wellth program, Barbara enjoyed the daily pill reminders, especially in the afternoons when her day was most hectic. She received the reminders on her phone even during the hours that she was at her job. 

Barbara also enjoyed using the rewards she received through the app on occasionally buying groceries. Towards the end of her Wellth program, Barbara even decided to quit smoking and is now on track towards a healthier life. 

“I can look at my life differently when it comes to medication. I always figured my body would do it on its own, but Wellth gave me the incentive to take care of myself cause there’s nobody out here who will but myself.”

Even after finishing her Wellth program, Barbara still takes her pills every morning and afternoon. She expressed that she was surprised at how easy it was to continue with her healthy habits. Utilizing the Wellth app allowed her to get into a health routine that she can continue every day. 

“I’m improving my health, my family is proud of me because I’m doing something positive!”