A Helpful Community is a Healthy Community
May 1, 2020

Steven is using a mask to protect himself during the COVID-19 pandemic and hopes everyone stays safe and well!

Steven H, Wellth Member

Trenton, NJ

Before the Wellth program, I was iffy about taking my medications and would miss it sometimes. I have a lot of conditions that require me to take medications so it was hard to keep up with. I had back surgery and calf surgery. I have sciatica, a broken foot that never fully healed, and two pinched nerves in each shoulder. I took a lot of medications to manage the pain. Physical therapy helped in some instances, in other instances I just dealt with it.

One of the reasons why I joined the Wellth program was to give myself the opportunity to train myself to consistently take my medications. Signing up was easy! At first, I thought getting up in the morning to take my medications at the same time was going to be really hard, but it turned out fine for me. After day one on the program, I thought “it will be a piece of cake for me.

The rewards were helpful, and I also really enjoyed chatting with the support team, like Marci, and Rachel, the enroller who first got me started. The reminders ended up helping me to stay on track. I come from a military background, so I viewed it as a way to train me to take my medications on time. If I wasn’t sure whether a check-in went through or not, I would call Marci to make sure. Marci was very sweet and helped whenever I needed help. “I’m not really a phone person, but would be on the phone typically 15 to 20 mins with the support team!” I would call you guys to let you know I found you another Prospect, or just to say hi. It was exciting, I got to know you guys a little bit better and I’m sure you guys got to know me a little bit better.

“Since I’ve been off of the Wellth Program, I don’t forget to take my medications...I like to explain the program and get friends from my building excited to join!”

Since I’ve been off of the Wellth Program, I don’t forget to take my medications. I get up and I take my pills in the morning, I’m on schedule without needing any other reminders. I’m feeling a bit better, doing a bit more walking. As far as exercising, I’m going a bit further. I’m doing as much as I can with all the limitations this pandemic has created. It’s been crazy,  we are staying safe, which means we cannot do a lot of the things we used to. This thing has really impacted a lot of lives. We still make it a point to socialize every single day with each other in my senior center. We just had to adjust and can’t do it the same way until this whole thing is over.

Wellth helped me take my medications on time and the rewards helped me pay for things like food, supplies, and household items. Not only did Wellth help me but it also helped many of my friends at the senior center that I live in. I am naturally a people person and Wellth gave me the opportunity to interact more with people. I like to explain the program and get friends from my building excited to join! I know some people have problems with taking their medication like I did and I think “if they have a little incentive for taking their medication, this would be the thing to do. And once they are off the program, they’re trained to start a trend in their lives.” It’s a great program and I just want others to be able to experience the benefits. I hope more people sign up and I hope more of my friends from my community get the chance to participate.