A Great Support System Brings Better Health Outcomes
October 12, 2020

Rosemary E., Wellth Member

Trenton, NJ

When you are a mom, your priority is to take care of your kids—especially when they are ill as in my case. My oldest daughter, Anna, has a severe kidney problem. I take her to dialysis three times a week. Some weeks, I need to go more often if they need to change the catheter, or do some minor surgery. We leave home around five in the morning. After her treatment is done, I need to take care of my other daughters, cook, clean, and go to work.

This is a very difficult situation and I had trouble finding time to take care of myself, even when it came to just taking my medications. I started feeling tired, so I decided to drink energy drinks to keep up with my busy schedule, without thinking that it was really unhealthy. I ended up at the hospital because of all the energy drinks I was drinking, and soon after I left, I had a missed call from Wellth. 

“I had trouble finding time to take care of myself, even when it came to taking my medications.”

When Wellth first called, I didn’t have time to talk with them since I was at the hospital with my daughter. But later, I was able to talk with a Wellth representative who explained the program and the app to me and my daughter. 

Between all of us, we were able to download the app on my phone. I didn’t grow up with the internet or smart phones, so I’m not a very tech-savvy person. My kids always help me with these things.

”Wellth taught me that it’s important to take care of myself in order to take care of my family.”

I have Type 2 Diabetes, and I am anemic as well. 

Before Wellth, my medication adherence was almost 0%. I used to miss my medication for weeks at a time. Wellth taught me that it's important to take care of myself in order to take care of my family. I decided to say yes to the program, not just because of the rewards, but because I needed to be healthy to take care of my family. My unhealthy habits have an impact on them, just like theirs have an impact on me.

The Wellth program was an amazing experience overall. Since I started, I felt so emotional knowing that someone wanted to help me, that someone cares about my health, that someone cares about my family.

I spoke about this program with my coworkers, they were so happy for me because they knew I was not being mindful about my health. I told them about  the reminders that we get on the phone every day to remember to take our medication. When they heard the Wellth reminder notification on my phone,  they would shout out loud to me, “Rosemary they are reminding you that it is time to take your medication!” It was a team effort!

“This experience brought my family closer from day one.”

My daughters were so happy because they saw that I was finally doing something for myself. They were worried that my illness would get worse and take away our time together. My husband was also excited, he works so hard to provide us as well.

I completed the program already, but I will not forget to take my medication going forward. Now, I put my medication into my purse everyday and I take it religiously.

This experience was so rewarding because it taught me to not only take my pills, but also helped me understand that my family is the most important thing in my life and that I need to take care of myself first to be able to support my family. 

This experience brought my family closer from day one.  My daughters helped me download the application and take the check-in pictures the couple first days, and my husband and I would plan together how we would use the rewards. We are not a perfect family but we are together. Thank you Wellth!