Three Tips for Strengthening Member Satisfaction During Open Enrollment Period
January 20, 2022

Anne Davis, VP of Government Markets and Strategy

The page on the calendar has turned, and individuals, providers, and health plans alike are cautiously optimistic for a new year.


Medicare Advantage organizations are doing their very best to exceed their members’ expectations in the first quarter, all too cognizant of their members’ ability to switch plans during the Open Enrollment Period(OEP).


Healthcare provider talks to one of their members

Shoring up pharmacy practices, managing transitions of care through data sharing and care coordination, and administering welcome kits and health risk assessments (HRAs) are top of mind. In addition, we are fortunate to have many lessons associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, in terms of care delivery, access, and equity.  


Optimizing retention during the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period


The Wellth Team compiled three over-arching tips for improving member retention through the first quarter of 2022.


1.    Know Your Members. Now more than ever we understand what a difference a year makes. People are in many phases of health and wellbeing; getting to know your members in the first few months is critical. Surveys and assessments are a great way to get to know the challenges your members face. Remember to ask members how you are doing and if there is more you can do.

2.    Promote Equity. Over the last few years, and with the onset of COVID-19, a light has continued to shine on health disparities. What is your data telling you about inequities in care and service? And more importantly, where is your data lacking? What do you know about your members and how can you support the communities in which you serve?

3.    Utilize Digital Tools. Engagement efforts have moved online and the majority of Americans utilize smartphones on a daily basis. Digital tools not only expand reach, they engage individuals in ways that postcards and phone calls cannot. As plans create their digital strategies, ensure you are measuring their effectiveness in order to pivot as needed.


2022 is a new year – full of hope. We have the collective experience and vision to improve the health of our communities. Reach out to Wellth to learn more about how we can support your goals in 2022 and beyond.