Our Members are Our Mission: Member Specialist Stories
Wellth member specialist Jessie talks about helping Wellth members get healthy and stay healthy!
August 30, 2021

By Jessie Taylor., Member Support Specialist

As a Member Support Specialist, I get to talk with members from all over the US who are all working toward one common goal: to live healthy, full lives. I enjoy hearing about how Wellth has helped our members achieve that goal, one day at a time.  I am here to listen and to encourage our members to succeed in making daily, positive change in their lives. 

Our members teach me so much about compassion and grace. Our members have taught me that life is not about perfection; it’s not about being perfect day in and day out. The Wellth program is all about making small, daily, conscious choices that impact our health positively. It’s okay to mess up, it’s okay to make mistakes, but what matters is that you give yourself grace and start each day anew. This allows us to take better care of ourselves as individuals so that we can take care of each other. We are all in this together!

Keeping the care in healthcare

Let’s be honest, dealing with chronic disease is not fun. It hurts, and it takes up more time and energy than anyone wants. But as a Member Support Specialist, I am here to make it just a little bit easier by helping members to adhere to a care plan and stay on top of taking their medications, eating healthy meals, tracking blood sugar and blood pressure levels so that they are having to go to the doctor less. I want all members to know how much we want them to succeed by building lasting healthy habits and sticking to their health plans. 

After every call with a member, a little bell goes off in my head, reminding me that I’ve made a positive contribution to a member’s life.  Whether it's answering questions about the Wellth Rewards card or helping a member get back on track with their check ins, I find a sense of accomplishment when I’ve helped a member.

“Thank you very much for the reminders. I never have missed at all. When that reminder comes I'm quick to check in. Living on social security is tough. I never thought $30 would mean so much but it does.”
-Wellth Member 

Meeting our members where they’re at

Member Support Specialist with a Wellth member

I love hearing members’ stories about how the app has improved their health.

I recall a member’s story about how she had been taking medications for years and years and started to feel powerless over her health—eventually losing motivation to stay adherent to her medication regimen. She was ready to throw in the towel, stop taking her medications, and stop tracking her blood pressure levels.

Luckily, when she started with the Wellth program, she began to feel more and more aware of the importance of improving her habits day by day. She said that as she got into the habit of taking photos of her healthy meals, she became more aware of how she could improve her health habits in other parts of her life as well. She began tracking her blood pressure, her blood sugar levels, and she began walking more—all of which decreased her stress levels and gave her a feeling of accomplishment that she was making daily steps towards a healthier lifestyle. She said that being able to take the photos of her pills and meals made her feel more accountable, motivated, and empowered to take her health in her own hands. “It gave me a whole new lease on life!”