Wellth New Product Feature: Appointment Reminders
February 22, 2021

The impact of missed appointments on the healthcare industry is massive.  A 2017 study shows that each year, no-shows to appointments costs the healthcare industry more than $150 billion. Preventative screenings, like breast cancer, can reduce risk of mortality by 30% or more. For patients on dialysis, one study showed that “missed appointments increase the risk of healthcare interventions. In the two days after a missed dialysis appointment, 5% of patients are hospitalized vs. 1.2% of those that attended the appointment.”

Members enrolled in Wellth, on average, engage at least once a day with Wellth’s smartphone application. This daily engagement can be leveraged to drive adherence and reward members for completing periodic actions that tie to their overall care plan adherence.

Introducing: Appointment Reminders

We know how important it is for members to attend their appointments, whether it’s their annual wellness visit, post-discharge visit, lab appointment, or dialysis appointment—to name a few. By harnessing the technology of Wellth, you can now send in-app reminders to members enrolled in Wellth and collect feedback from the member in real-time if they plan to attend the appointment or need help rescheduling. Appointment attendance can also be added to the overall incentive structure for a member, further leveraging the power of behavioral economics to drive not just daily tasks, but also overcome the “intent behavior” gap for appointments as well.

The result is better daily care plan adherence and increased appointment attendance, leading to more closure of quality care gaps as well as improved health outcomes for your members.

Interested in learning more about how this capability can help your members? Email partnerships@wellthapp.com today.