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Nonadherence creates challenges for everyone

It’s easy to think that members who fail to follow a care plan only negatively impact themselves, but this nonadherence also causes troubles for providers and payers alike. Payers have a special challenge since it’s difficult to directly affect member behaviors, especially outside of a care setting. Education and coaching efforts only go so far. 

This struggle is the foundation of Wellth’s approach to care plan adherence.
Care plan
Member Net
Promoter Score
Decrease in
avoidable ER visits

Achieve the outcomes that matter most

member engagement
Engagement with nonadherent members
Wellth’s habit formation activities result in high engagement from even the highest risk members. Our approach is specifically adapted to those with chronic conditions.
improve hedis stars
Improvements in key metrics
Our partners enjoy improved metrics for HEDIS, HOS, CAHPS, and Stars rankings. Wellth is results-oriented and outcomes-driven and our performance is geared for clear measurement.
Cost of care reduction
Reduction in costs
We all know the highest risk members are generally those who incur the most care and account for an unbalanced proportion of costs. By focusing on measurable outcomes, we realize real cost savings for our partners.
Utilization reduction
Reduce ED visits
By forming new members’ habits around their care plans, we see significantly reduced ED visits and readmissions. Member health becomes more consistent with fewer acute care needs.
Utilization reduction
Meet state requirements
In addition to increased costs and losses, nonadherent members can make it a challenge to meet states’ requirements. Our success rates make meeting these requirements much more attainable.
Lower staff effort
Wellth isn’t merely a technology platform; it’s a hands-on service provided by Wellth specialists. We work with members on your behalf and manage our technology to reduce your staff’s efforts.

Get actionable data instead of uncertainty

Wellth’s program and platform works for payers in the commercial, Medicare and Medicaid markets. The new habits we help members form directly improve scores for Stars, HEDIS and CAHPS. Our methods adapt to the needs of the members we serve regardless of their individual situations.

No extra technology
Wellth uses device-less remote monitoring to gather behavioral data from members on a daily basis. Since the member experience is smartphone-based, there’s no additional technology to purchase, implement, and maintain.
Real-time feedback
Our specialists personally investigate any behaviors flagged by our AI monitoring. If a member shifts from four medications to one per day, we’ll work to discover the reason. And if it’s a pattern, we’ll alert our partners care team so they can connect with the member to offer the best next steps.
Habit formation instead of just education
Mere educational and coaching programs have shown again and again that they don’t work for certain populations. That’s why we focus our methods on utilizing certain behavioral economics principles to motivate members to form new, sustainable habits. Members don’t need to understand why they’ve changed; they just realize their new habits allow them to live healthier, fuller lives.
Case Studies

Wellth works for you

Our solution is Randomized Control Trial tested and backed with proven results and case studies across all lines of business. Learn what our partners are saying—and achieving—with Wellth!

Randomized Controlled Trial shows Wellth reduces hospital readmissions post-ACS by 45% 
Improving Proportion of Days Covered (PDC) in 86% of members
Driving down readmissions for patients with high-risk
Better results for better health
Reduction of HbA1c levels for high-risk diabetes
Customer Testimonials

The easiest implementation you’ll ever have

Wellth doesn’t require complicated technology training or expenses. Implementation can be done in as little as 30 days and the Wellth team works seamlessly alongside existing systems and workflows. We built Wellth to help your members improve while adding virtually no strain to your team's workload and minimal IT resource needs to get started.

"Telehealth is changing the standard of healthcare by allowing for improved access and better health outcomes for people who face barriers to receiving traditional care. As a pharmacist, I have seen firsthand how important it is to give patients who are challenged with chronic conditions the tools they need to manage their own medications. We are excited to offer this mobile app and empower our members to take charge of their own health."
Jill Hanson
Vice President of Pharmacy Operations at Arizona Complete Health
"At Priority Health, we know that people’s lives are complicated, which is why we’re proud to offer an innovative solution to help them manage their health in a simple and cost effective way"
Tami Hibbitts
Vice President of Senior Markets at Priority Health
How Wellth works for members

Take a photo.
Get rewarded.
That’s it.

Wellth gets rid of dense navigation bars, companion apps, physical hardware, and anything else that might represent a barrier to entry for our members. Everything works with the smartphone users already have in their pocket. And using the app is as simple as taking a picture and sending a text, two things they already know how to do.

We handle enrollment, tech support, and first level outreach when a member becomes nonadherent. All you have to do is tell us when to start.
Member Testimonials

Wellth helps your members help themselves

Wellth is different from other adherence solutions. We configure each member’s experience, finding the best combination of incentives that work for them. When people adhere to their care plan, it works. And when care plans work the way they’re supposed to, chronic diseases get better, ED visits go down, and you no longer have to spend valuable resources following up on the plan you’ve created. We do the work so you don’t have to.

"Before Wellth, I never really had any health habits at all, I would leave my prescriptions at the pharmacy and not pick them up. I like the Wellth program reminders because they help me keep on track. Now I'm taking my meds as directed and I feel better. I'm stable and have more energy. This is a good app and a great idea, especially for mental health patients."
Wellth Member, Multiple Chronic Conditions
"When COVID hit I was really stressed out so I wasn't taking care of myself and I would eat when I wasn't supposed to be eating. The best part of the program is the motivation. It gets me motivated to check my sugar when before I wasn't."
Wellth Member, Type 2 Diabetes
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Wellth will help you assess your member health data and configure a program that will help improve health outcomes for your members that matter most.