Case Study
Wellth achieves 97% member satisfaction rate within a high-risk Medicaid population
Average daily
adherence through
the Wellth app
of cohort members
had a behavioral health
average A1c change
in enrolled
Diabetes members
Wellth partnered with Mount Sinai’s Peak Health Clinic to improve outcomes in their highest-risk Medicaid members who were diagnosed with multiple physical health, behavioral health, and substance use disorder comorbidities. Not only did the program result in an extremely positive member experience, but nearly every member surveyed said it improved satisfaction with their care team.
Mount Sinai Peak Health is a full-risk outpatient clinic within Mount Sinai Medical Center, one of New York’s leading health systems. The Peak Health clinic is a high-touch program that provides patient care coordination, ancillary care management, and patient recovery satisfaction management for high-risk, poorly controlled chronic disease populations. The majority of patients served by Peak Health are Medicaid-eligible individuals diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions including hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, COPD / asthma, obesity, substance use disorders, and anxiety.
Start Date
May 2018
New York, NY
Disease States
Congestive Heart Failure, Cardiovascular Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, COPD/Asthma, Behavioral Health, & Substance Use Disorder
The Clinical and Business Case for Improving Patient Experience
Wellth’s engagement with Mount Sinai Peak Health was the first Wellth program that measured member satisfaction rate, which is a key metric for assessing the quality of care offered by a health services organization.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), an official agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services, has outlined the business case for why healthcare organizations should strive to both measure and improve their patients’ satisfaction with care. Many healthcare organizations (especially health insurance plans) are reimbursed based on patient experience quality metrics such as those measured by the AHRQ CAHPS survey. For more information visit

"“The main reward is that I can get better if I keep this up. The meds are keeping me in line, I don’t feel run down, and I can walk that extra foot without feeling tired.”
— Theodore
Mount Sinai
PeakHealth Member
Improving Patient Adherence, Clinical Outcomes, and Experience in a Comorbid Medicaid Population
Wellth’s program for Mount Sinai Peak Health was focused on enrolling their highest-risk, nonadherent Medicaid patients diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, Cardiovascular Disease, Type 1 & 2 Diabetes, and COPD / Asthma. In addition, approximately 50% of the enrolled population had a behavioral health comorbidity and approximately 25% of the enrolled population had a substance use disorder comorbidity. 

Patients enrolled into the Wellth program received up to 5 care plan reminders each day to check-in a picture of their medications and / or monitoring devices. Over the 70-day program, patients were eligible to receive a maximum of $75 in rewards for demonstrating full adherence to their care plan. $2 was deducted from the patient’s rewards balance for each day that any of a patients’ required care plan tasks were missed, leveraging the concept of Loss Aversion from behavioral economics to drive better adherence outcomes. As a result, the average adherence in the enrolled cohort at the end of the 70-day program was 85.1%, with 67.2% of enrolled patients achieving an average adherence of 80%+. Of the enrolled patients who had a diagnosis of Diabetes, the average A1c reduced by 0.47 points, from an average starting A1c of 9.6. At the end of the program, all enrolled patients were extended a standard member satisfaction question, which was: “How likely are you to recommend this rewards program and Wellth application to a family member or someone else?” From the results of this survey, Wellth achieved an extremely member satisfaction rate of 97%.
“I absolutely love Wellth. If I could have almost every patient on Wellth, I would definitely recommend it. I think it really helped a lot of my patients adhere and a lot of my patients, even after when they finished their 70 day program, many of them continued on.”
— Nia Medder, DNP
Mount Sinai
Peak Health Clinic
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